Announcing a new way to level-up your short-term trip program: Missions Made Simple

ServiceReef announces new way to level-up your short-term trip program: Missions Made Simple

We invite you to learn more about how Missions Made Simple —the digital course in missions—can help you achieve greater engagement with your program

Louisville, KY-- Mobilizing people to short and long term missions can be cumbersome and confusing. Thousands of missions programs and missions leaders across the globe need more training to equip and engage their teams for short-term and long-term missions trips. We have the tools you need to overcome these challenges and see exponential growth. 

Introducing: Missions Made Simple. Created by ServiceReef, Missions Made Simple is a digital course for missions that will help you take your program to the next level.

Missions Made Simple was created to help set you up for amazing success as a missions mobilizer, organization leader, team leader, or anyone walking down a path of greater missional engagement.

“This felt like the perfect time to release the work we've been doing for years with so many others. Digital is the quickest, most easily accessible way for you to connect yourself and your team to training that fits your missions goals.” said Micah Pritchard, Co-Founder of ServiceReef.

How can Missions Made Simple help you?

Many ways. Here are three major ways we can help you:

#1 Resources to Grow: You will find many resources to help equip you to better lead, guide, and engage those living a missional life.  Explore our courses, worksheets, videos, assessments, and other resources.

#2 Connect with Others: We believe you should never feel alone as a missions mobilizer. That's why we have created an online community of others who are equipping and mobilizing people to missional living. Join today to connect with others just like you.

#3 Confidence to Lead: Mobilizing and leading people to missional living can be intimidating while at times leaving you to wonder if you're doing it right or well. Here you can find the confidence to go further faster with these tools and the community of others who are mobilizing.

About the Missions Made Simple course

Level-Up Your Short Term Trip Program will be a game-changer for your missions program. Here you will talk through 10 strategic categories critical to your enhancing your short term trip program.

We're certain these sessions will help you and your team achieve greater engagement and program success.

Watch the introduction video to learn more about Missions Made Simple


Here's what you will get from this course:

  • 10 critical tools to equip you for leading missions
  • 10 short video-guided courses
  • Facts about these 10 core functional areas
  • Assessments questions to help you evaluate your current engagement
  • Tips for how to improve
  • One key action item for you and your team
  • Downloadable worksheets with more ideas
  • Discussion board to discuss more ideas with key leaders 

Sign up today... we're certain this will help you better your short-term missions program in no time!

“This course isn't just for ServiceReef members. This is for all missions leaders to watch and learn—so you're equipped with the tools you need in your missions toolkit." said Will Rogers, Co-Founder of ServiceReef.

The course aims to encourage and equip every missions leader and your team to achieve greater engagement and program success. 

ServiceReef has set up a special page for missions leaders to be encouraged and equipped with resources to help you grow, connect with others, and give you the confidence you need to lead well.

Find out more details and learn about creating a free account today right here


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