Managing Personal Fundraising Pages

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ServiceReef is pleased to announce new functionality to manage personal fundraising pages.  

Just a few things you are now able to do:

  • Create a standard fundraising letter text
  • Set standard text to required or editable by participant
  • Allow users to edit their personal fundraising page
  • Require approvals for changes to personal fundraising pages

Learn more about personal fundraising pages and management here.


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EFFECTIVE PREPARATION Clarify Expectations Clarify expectations with your team.  Consider outlining expectations for different groups involved and the different stages of the event.  You might outline expectations for the team members, the team leader, the field partner, and the sending organization.  You may also outline expectations leading up to the event, the event, and post event.     Provide Resources Create an experience that’s going to be a success for your team members; provide them with resources like fundraising tools, ways to connect with other team members, educational resources, information about the partner, and any other resource you feel important.   Educate about Tools For organizations who are using ServiceReef, each participant has their own personal fundraising page where they can share their stories, post a personalized message and video, and provide a means for donors to help support them… make sure they know about this.  You may have a number of tools that you have created for short term trip participants; make sure your participants know about them!     Encouragement This may be a first experience for many of your participants, so be sure to help encourage their journey as a trip participant, in their fundraising, and how they share about their story.   Share Stories Encourage your participants to share their stories, and these start long before the actual event. For organizations using ServiceReef, your participants can share stories at any point in their journey and these stories aggregate together for the entire team to create a team blog.  This is a great way to share the bigger vision for missions in your organization.     You are a steward of their missional journey.